About Mothers Lounge

Mothers Lounge is a world leader in creating fashionable, comfortable, safe, and efficient baby products. Mothers Lounge started in 2005 when owner Jenny Pierce invented the "flip-able" breastfeeding bracelet Milk Bands™. From there, she began making other useful baby products that she knew every mom would appreciate. In 2009 the owners created the brand Udder Covers™ and shortly thereafter introduced Seven™ Everyday Slings in 2010. Next in 2011, they launched what is now their most popular brand Carseat Canopy™, and from there expansion of Mothers Lounge only continued. The company has seen exponential growth especially in 2013 with the release of three new brands including Nursing Pillow, Baby Leggings, and The Belly Button™. As Mothers Lounge continues to grow new brands, they take pride in creating products that moms will love.

Mothers Lounge is owned and operated by husband & wife team Kaleb and Jenny Pierce who happily reside in Utah as they raise their 5 beautiful children.